SkimDaddy Or How To Get The Most From Expired Domains

domains Commonly, expired domains have good reputation, real traffic, backlinks and are ranking well in Google search results. Moreover, they are still in the net, despite the fact that they are not accessible or have no interface. So why not to use such domains for our advantage?

How Domains Become Expired

The owner of a domain for whatever reason didn’t extend the registration period. For instance, a domain owner has left the business. It is a very widespread situation when people try to make money on the internet. After the site registration, they wait for a quick success and due to the lack of patience and desire they ultimately turn to the brick-and-mortar or else business. However, they leave behind quite decent domains available for buying.

Why Buying An Expired Domain Name Can Make Your Website More Successful

Well, first of all you get an opportunity to choose a proper name that will be relevant to the subject of your site. Which is very important, as in other words a domain name is a user path for you website that can both attract or discourage potential customers. Moreover, you buy domain with already existing traffic, search engine friendly keywords, link juice and positions on Google. And the last but not the least thing worth to be focused on is domain age. The older domain is the better. Old domains are generally very respected by search engines and promoting such sites is much easier and faster. For instance, old domains are immune to some kinds of search engine penalties. Just remember the SandBox - infamous Google penalty for newly registered sites. To make short of the long, by buying an expired domain name you can save your time, nerves and money needed for quality website promotion. save time and money

Migrate Properly!

If thoughtlessly migrating a site from one domain to another, you will certainly loose the traffic you currently have. In order to prevent this situation from happening you should use 301 redirects. It means that each and every page of your site should redirect your visitors to the exact copy of this page at the new domain. Therefore, it is not recommended to change the site structure, otherwise it will be difficult to create redirects that work properly. 301 redirect should never be underestimated, because if this process is not treated responsibly, different kinds of errors will occur on the site in the future.

The Tool You Can’t Do Without

So, you are planning to visit GoDaddy auction to buy an expired domain, as well as you already know what measures have to be done to make everything go without a hitch. However, you still don’t know the most important thing. It turns out that a smart tool was recently created in order to make the domain search on GoDaddy easy and accessible for everyone. Please welcome SkimDaddy!

skimdaddy browser extension

This easy-to-use tool provides the opportunity to sort domains by their price, name, position in Google search results, auction ending time, Alexa rank, etc. Moreover, at any moment you can get any information about this or that domain, get to know its age, traffic, price, keywords it is ranked for, etc. But there is more to come, you may indicate a domain zone or bid range and thus narrowing your search. As well as find domains that are ranking for specific keywords, receive notification about the current status of the domains you like and much more. And in addition, all doubters are provided with a great opportunity to test the tool within a free trial period. In conclusion, it is worth to say that buying an expired domain name is an excellent practice that is able to breathe life into any business that has not been doing good. And thanks God that SkimDaddy, a helpful tool indeed, was created to make your interaction with GoDaddy auctions as pleasant as it can be. Just install it to your browser, test and get the best deal that can really change your life for the better.