[Top^] 10 Best Luxury Designer Watches Brands For Men

Top 10 Best Luxury Designer Watches Brands For Men : There are several brands of fashionable watches available in the market. You need not to spend much of the money for buying a stylish watch.

When making a choice for it. Here we are showing the list of top 10 watch brands, they are beautiful, high quality and reliable. See the complete list here:

1. Oakley Watches


Oakley Watches Brand

Watches that inspire Swiss watch making toward new possibilities reinforces the authenticity that made Oakley a global icon. Genuine innovation brings New World technology to Old World craftsmanship in creativity that delivers the unexpected, and in art that turn instruments of performance into objects of desire. It is the top class watches brands. Their watches are of exalted perfection and are available in very classy models.

2. Citizen Watches


Citizen Luxury Brands

It is one of the top ten brands of watches which are to be taken into consideration. Many designs are very plain and stylish as well. Citizen manufactures high performance watches at much reasonable prices.

3. Rolex Watches


Rolex Designer Watches

A Diamond Bezels Rolex Watch is something to admire. The ring of diamonds around the face sits there like a ring of fire. The cut, the clarity and the size could make a lot of difference in the price. On an average, it could range between $1,000 and $5,000. However, diamonds could cost much more than that depending on their rarity. The reason people buy a Diamond Bezels Rolex Watch is for prestige. A Rolex watch is a sign that a person has arrived. However, buying one can be tricky unless you are buying a brand new one.

4. Pulsar Watches


Pulsar Men's Collection 

Pulsar is a splendid watch brand to check out, if you need a luxury watch with lesser price than Rolex. Several models offered by Pulsar are designed after Rolex. Pulsar presents finest quality watches at very reasonable rates.

5. Timex Watches


Timex Brand Watches

When the Timex watch revolutionized the industry over half a century ago, the consumer valued intelligently designed timepieces characterized by modern design, unprecedented durability, and high-performance – at a quarter the price of Swiss-made watches. Today, what is valued – more valuable than any other service, good or commodity – is time itself.

6. Philippe Starck


Philippe Starck Watches Brand

Philippe Starck watches are designed with style and quality in mind, and The Watch Co. is proud to offer a huge selection of innovative pieces for both men and women. Finding the perfect Philippe Starck watch for a friend, family member or yourself has never been easier. This is one of the top brands of watches designed with superb quality and fashionable look.

7. Diesel Watches


Diesel Watches Brand

You may think this diesel watch is another hard to read watches and made for nerds only. No, if you think so then you are wrong. It’s actually very simple to read this watch. Although in the face your found nothing but a pitch Solid Stainless Steel black case, you will find 4, yes, it’s 4 clocks that show you 4 different time zones at the sideway of the clock.

8. Fossil Watches


Fossil Luxury Watches Brand

This old-fashioned looking Fossil watch truly represents the company’s characteristic combination of imaginative spirit and sense of humor that are included to its design. This sort of watch is packed in Fossil’s recognizable tin box which once again underlines the company’s concern about every single detail of their timepieces.

9. Bulova Watches


Bulova Watches Brand

Bulova, is one of the top ten brands of watches. The watch has a sapphire crystal over the dial as well as over the back of the watch giving a view of the Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement. The rear window is a half circle, with the other half being a Bulova logo. The Curacao comes with a blue or black dial, in polished steel or a rose gold PVD case, and on a metal bracelet, rubber strap, or leather strap. Prices start at about 690 euros. Should be available rather soon.

10. Seiko Watches


Seiko Watches Brand For Men

Seiko is internationally recognized for precision timekeeping and innovation, with numerous ' world firsts ' in watches as well as in clocks. The Seiko name on a clock dial guarantees meticulous craftsmanship and inspired styling. This distinctive heritage, coupled with affordable pricing, makes Seiko clocks an unmistakable value.
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