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Make Money Online with URL Shorteners ?

Having an internet connection is one of the best advantages that anyone can have. The internet has evolved by a lot ever since its inception and now is easily one of the most powerful tools around. It is very easy for anyone to use the power of the internet for their benefit.

One of the greatest uses of the internet is its ability to be used as a source of income. By finding ways to get clients around the world or in and around your area, you can make a fair share of money.

One of the best ways with which money can be made off the internet is through blogging. Bloggers get their income mostly from sharing their ideas on the internet and getting more viewers. Advertisers notice the opportunity that present themselves when it comes to making and garnering good publicity through some good blogs and bloggers allow them to do so at a cost.

URL shorteners are one of those online applications that are used by a lot of bloggers to reduce the size of their blog URLs. This is an added advantage as it makes their blogs look much simpler and attractive.
The best URL shortener in town:
Most of the URL shorteners that are present today generally just do the job that they are supposed to do. But now with the help of, a European enterprise, bloggers have a new way to make money from the net. It is a process that lasts only a few seconds and a lot of money can be earned. differs from other URL shorteners in the way that they act as a normal URL shortener and at the same time, they can be used to gain money for any of the bloggers who use their services. To do so, after registering, bloggers have to use the URL shorteners to reduce the size of their blog links.

After sharing their blog links onto social media sites as well as other websites, the viewer who clicks on the link will be redirected to a short ad of about 5 seconds. After that, they can continue onto the original blogpost. This is an innovative and effective way to advertise online.

Even non bloggers can join :

The usage of this URL shortener does not have to be enjoyed by the user alone. Even those who do not blog can use this service to get some money. If they are clever, they will be able to get quite a good sum. There are a lot of affiliated referral websites that are available on

By shortening them and sharing them on social sites, with each click, users will be able to garner money. This allows for income to be gained by those who do not write blogs generally too.

How you can get paid :

There are quite a few ways with which one can get paid. is connected to sites like PayPal and Payoneer, with which, users will be able to get access to the money that is generated with each click. The amount varies in different countries according to the advertiser’s rates.

The final verdict on :

In short, the site is one of the most innovative and effective ones that are available on the internet for both bloggers and non-bloggers to make a lot of money from.

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