[High]How To Get High CPC/PPC Ads In Google Adsense

Increase Adsense Pay Per Click Ads or Cost Per Click?

So many articles concerning adsense to increase earnings however that are sensible choices for making money online, here i will be able to show the most effective practice on a way to increase Adsense cpc rate. there is no doubt Adsense is world’s top most and highest paying Ad CPC Publisher network and utilized by approx 90% webmasters get paid to blog. Therefore the way to increase Adsense CPC (Cost per Click) could be a common and famous question for all webmasters. 

Get High CPC/PPC Ads In Google Adsense

Get High CPC Ads In Google Adsense

I actually have used numerous technique in my several years of expertise in Health, education and tech blogs and conclude a number of the some of effective tips to increase Adsense CPC. Thus hope a similar are going to be helpful for you too. Let us discuss it in detail.

 What is Adsense CPC or PPC ?

Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC)- Webmaster Earns some money by merely clicks per Ads on their Advertisements by their website visitors. CPC  varies by county to country. For instance in India, CPC is low as 0.06 $ to 0.4 $

Why to increase Adsense CPC ?

Every bloggers and webmaster is having aim to get high revenue from Adsense, for that they simply target increasing their blog traffic and on creating higher SEO, however they missed to optimize their website to get high CPC Ads and they could get smart traffic however lower CPC clicks and low earning. thus required needed to find out regarding getting high CPC ads on your website so that you'll be able to earn a lot of Adsense revenue per click.
Also the great CPC Ads isn't enough to get much earning from Adsense, you should have that much of traffic  to offer you a decent CPC clicks. read some of my articles to boost blog traffic.

Site Niche – It's important for obtaining high CPC ads

Your site niche plays the great and vital role to pull the high CPC ads on your site, Ads appears on your site depends on your site content or say niche on that you're writing thus choosing a right niche to increase CPC should be the primary choice. Some niche like Gambling, Casino, Jobs etc have low CPC . Whereas, some common niche  like Weight loss, Health, Banking etc earns you 2$ to 6$ per click. Listed here some sensible niche topics, you must write about it and may get sensible change in your CPC.

  • Weight Loss
  • Banking
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Real Estate
  • Tech
  • Travel
  • Education

Traffic Sources – Another important point

Traffic sources is the another important topic to optimize for obtaining higher CPC ads, like in India or Asian traffic, less than 0.4$ CPC you get but for western country traffic you'll be able to rise up to 2$ to 4$ CPC ads. thus you wish to try to write down such content to attract a lot of guests from western counties also.


Higher the pagerank, more the possibilities of obtaining higher CPC ads on your website, each advertisers desires their ads on high traffic and reputed blogs, thus at that condition Pagerank plays the vital role. Google realize such blogs based on Pagerank and provides sensible CPC ads, when PR4 google provides some sensible CPC ads as per my experience.

Ad Placement and Sizes

Currently Google Adsense permits 3 ad units on website (premium publishers are excluded from this restriction), however more ads pulls low CPC ads. if you place 3 ad unit on your website you'll get one of them good CPC ad however rest are going to be low CPC. thus putting 1 or 2 ad unit can improve CPC rate of that ad unit.

Also ad unit at top of the blog page offers you higher results than at the end. 336×280 ad unit has good performance except all. Banner ad you can place at the end. also enable to own text and image link ads, Adsense also suggest the same to increase CPC rate.

Recommended Ad placement

336×280 Ad unit – below the post title
300×250 Ad unit – Below the post
Horizontal Banner – at bottom

You can also put link unit at top, bottom and at side bar but not recommended.

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Apply Other Ad Networks – competition is nice forever

By serving different ad network ads on your website can push Google to show higher CPC ads to beat the competition and to make sure that Google is the sole network of all.
I haven’t tried other ad network for my blog so far but based on review and reference of other publishers it may helpful, try your self and get back.

Write good and lengthier Post

Some times, because of low content in your post, Google bot can't identify the best keyword of your post and in such condition shows the default and low CPC ads, thus in such condition lengthier post can provide enough keywords and facilitate Google bot to identify the right keyword thus possibilities for getting right ads can increase.

Site Performance

Recently Google added some features in Adsense Dashboard for website performance, speed etc now the same also plays a decent role for it. sensible performance and speedy website get good CPC ads. thus attempt to optimize it.

Ads Review Centre

Inside the Google dashboard, you'll be able to notice the Ad Review centre, where you know that which ad unit plays the good role and get paid to blogs good earning and which one are least, try to remove the unit gives the least earning and experiments others.

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