6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

Finally check, there are well in excess of 31,000 different plugins in the Wordpress Directory – and that number keeps on growing every day. 
Additionally, there are an alternate 2,700 Wordpress plugins present on Codecanyon and numerous others accessible to download. 

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

There are bunches of Best plugins out there, however which ones are best for helping you enhance your Wordpress site's SEO? All things considered, I compiled a list of my six most loved Wordpress plugins to help you enhance your sites SEO rapidly.

Wordpress SEO By Yoast 

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

Wordpress SEO by Yoast is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most compelling Wordpress plugins you can introduce on your site to help your SEO value enhance. This plugin is really easy to utilize, however it could be a bit of overpowering to newbies. With this plugin you can edit your page titles, meta descriptions, generate your XML Sitemap, integrate Google Webmasters Tools, custom permalink structure, and substantially more! If you are using an alternate SEO plugin (like All-In-One SEO Pack), Wordpress SEO by Yoast additionally has an import feature that will move over the majority of your page titles and meta descriptions with the click of a button within seconds. If you search this plugin in the wordpress directory, it is free, however there is additionally a paid and upgrated version available, which includes assistance from their help group.

(Author Disclosure: We infrequently syndicate Yoast blog entries, however were not asked to add them to the schedule. We simply happen to think they are awesome.)


Redirection is one of the best plugin to handle 301 redirects. One of my most loved gimmicks of this plugin includes the bulk upload capacity. In the options section, span down to import segment and there you can transfer a CSV file of your 301 redirects. To make that 301 redirect CSV file, put the old Urls in section A and afterward the new Urls in the same Row, yet in section B. Upload that file using the import feature and it will make the majority of your redirects.

Redirection additionally logs the majority of your 404 errors and it will even automatically make 301 redirects on your site if you change the url of one of your pages. At the point when making another site, 301 redirects are extremely important! So get this plugin and alter those 404 errors that are sitting in Webmasters Tools!

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

Basic Share Buttons Adder

Social sharing is an incredible approach to improve your SEO value, and the easy Share Buttons Adder is one of the better social offering plugins in light of the fact that it is so easy: you can basically install it and it's done. There are 9 default social icons sets with the plugin that you can look over, or you can upload your own particular too.

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

Video SEO for Wordpress SEO By Yoast

The Video SEO for Wordpress SEO is a best plugin to get your features to show up in the query results and will get a video thumbnail to show up in the post as well. It is a capable plugin that can support your site get more clicks, regardless of the fact that you are not ranking top for your keywords. Here is synopsis of what the plugin does to your web index results:

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

If not for that plugin, you would have no clue that the page had a video. Video SEO for Wordpress is an incredible approach to get your SERP inclining to emerge from the rest and get those additional clicks! This plugin is not free, however it is well worth the $69 investment, as of my opinion. They additionally make a Local SEO Plugin that I propose at the same expense.

Simple Pagination

In the event that you have a blog or site with lots of pages, you may need to research a pagination plugin. Pagination is a vital part in SEO and search engine accessibility by helping crawlers spider your website simpler.

6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2014

A considerable measure of the Wordpress themes will use a "next" or "older posts" connect instead of pagination, so that is the reason the Simple Pagination plugin works for some site holders. You will must be comfortable in editing a portion of the theme files, however it really easy to use.

W3 Total Cache

Searchmetrics has recently determined the number one ranking factor for SERP in 2014 is site speed. If your Wordpress site is running really slow, then you most probably need to introduce W3 Total Cache to your site. After introducing this plugin, make sure you read the installation instructions to best streamline your plugin for your website/blog.

Note: Some hosting providers as of now have  caching program on their servers, so there is a chance that this plugin may conflict with that program. Contact your host provider and ask about compatibility to check whether there will be any conflicts with this plugin.

Those are simply a couple of my most loved plugins to help your site's SEO value.

There are huge amounts of different plugins out there, and I love researching new ones! So if I cleared out any of my schedule/list, or you have another plugin you'd like for me to check out, I'd love to find out about them in the comments/remarks below.

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