How To Write Your First Blog Post

Finally we have completed our all important and essential requirements of a blog to start. Now the time comes to Write Your First Blog and also the time to think what your first post should be About. Before Reading Below Just Think In Your Mind That "What Will Be My First Blog Post" .
Then You Could Better Link The Ideas Given Below To Your Mind.

How To Write Your First Blog Post

Trust me you will be feeling blank and got panic because so many things would be coming in your mind. Like where to start , how to start and what should be the content of your blog etc. I can understand, it`s  a common feeling or I can say a natural attitude of anyone even if you know everything. But don`t panic and just start your blog to write because you are not the only one who thinks like this. I can say that every blogger who start his blog will go through this states of mind.

So I suggest you to keep in mind some key points in your mind while Writing Your First Blog Post. Which I applied to my self when I was posted my first blog personally. It will not only help you out to post your first article but also in entire life of your blogging journey:

Find A Topic

Firstly you should find a subject or topic you are going to write on the blog. It is very important and crucial matter for which you should give some time to it. It may be something in which you are comfortable and creative to write on. It may be a topic which got some essence of writing and connect to your users and communicate with them. The topic should be something that not be a seasonal nature or not lacks in material and content in long span of blogging.

Here are some ways that I follows in my blogging:

Read other Authors Blog

There are so many external resources online which can be a part of blogging. When I Wrote my First Blog Post, I did  google as you all know that it`s a best search engine and tons of results I discovered and go through the best articles and resources. You can have so many aspects of particular opinion, hence you can also do blogging on similar topic with different perspective. I personally follow Mashable, Labnol, Shoutmeloud which gives me some inspiration. 

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Social Media

Social Media is one stop shop of every types of resource whether it`s News, Current Affairs, Trending Topics. Facebook and Twitter is now becomes a most supporting and inspiring social network to connect people with each other. These social Media are now brought the people in touch within no time and even bloggers are getting their traffic to their blogs from here only.

Your Own Contents

When you will spent some time on your blog, you can do some analysis even on your blog that exactly what type of content users are appreciating on your blog. Your contents can become most valuable as you came to know that which topics or posts are most visited or read. And you got some inspirational views by your own posts in long span of blogging by your readers.

Write What You Know About 

I Can Say That Choose Those Topics In Which You Are Master Or Have Interest , This Will Encourage To Write Good Blog Posts Because You Feel Comfortable in Those Subjects or Topics.
By This Your Readers Will Get Something Fresh To Read And Inculcate Themselves. Your First Blog Post Will Make A Foundation Of Your Blogging Journey. As If You Know About That Topic Very Well Then You Can Write Better And In A Language Your Readers Desires To Read.

Connect To Your Readers 

If You Will Just Write Your Blog Posts Without Asking Questions , Problems Then Your Reader Feels  Like A "Stranger In A Party" and Will Be No More Connected to You And Your Blog As Well.  So, Its Better To Connect Your Blog Posts To Your Previous Post , Readers and To Your Blog's Topic.

I Know May Be You Will Get Some Problems or Queries In Writing Your First Blog Post. So, Just Comment Below I Will Try To Solve Them Soon.
Also If You Have Some More Interesting Ideas or Suggestion About "How To Write Your First Blog Post" I Will Include In This Post !

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