8 Steps To Create a Blog On Blogger ?

Blogger is an online administration possessed by Google that distributes single or multi-client websites made completely by the client. The administration has rapidly turned into the favored decision of numerous beginner bloggers and is one of the most straightforward systems for making and distributed a site for nothing. Assuming that you are new to the administration, this article will show you how to set up a record and make a website on Blogger.com. 

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How I Can Create a Blog On Blogger ?

To create a blog on blogger you just need to have web browser and a Google A/c. So, If You have these you can easily create a blog on blogger.

Here Are The Few Steps By That You Will Get Your Google Blog Created :-

1. First of all Open www.blogger.com in your web browser.

Start a Blog on Blogger Step 1.jpg

2. Now Sign In With Your Google A/c . ( You Can Get Sign In Form In Right Sidebar There )

Or Click "Get Started" if You haven't created a Google account and then Sign In.
Start a Blog on Blogger Step 2.jpg

3. Now Choose a "Display Name" this name will be your blogger profile name and shown in every post as a author name you written.

4. Now its time to create blog as till now you have only created blogger a/c and profile. So click on "New Blog" button which is given at left side of page.

5. Then Choose Your "Blog Title" and "Blog Address or Url".

You can check if the URL you are considering is available by clicking "Check Availability".

6. After that enter "Word Verification" or "Captcha" Given There and click "Continue" .

7. Choose a template for your blog it will be your basic design. You can choose any template at this time as it could be changed later.

8.  Last Step is To click "Start Blogging" after that you can start writing articles or posts.

I Hope that now You Can  Create Blogs on blogger. But if you have any problems/queries just post it below as a comment , we will solve your issues as soon as possible.

 Good Luck ! Happy Blogging !! :)

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