5 Basic SEO Tips For Blogger Newbies

Hello Readers,
After Giving away Few Tutorials on starting a blog to you,  It's Time To Concentrate on Some other aspects of  blogging too. So I decided to share some SEO Tips For Newbie Bloggers Because it's an integral part of blogging as you choose Blogger's Platform.

5 Basic SEO Tips For Blogger Newbies

 First Of All You Should Know

  • What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

Seo is a method Which Increases Your Websites or Blogs Visiblity In Search Results For a Particular Keyword Or Search Term in Search Engines.
There Are Two Parts Of It On-Page Seo & OFF-Page Seo . On-Page Includes Whatever Is Done On Your Site Page/Blog or You Could Say Whatever Comes In Between Your 

<html><head> This Block Contains Meta Tags </head><body> This Block Contains Your Sites Content or Body </body></html>

And OFF-Page Seo Includes Link Building , Social Sharing , Forum Posting , Directory Submission And Bookmarking Too.

  •  How Important It Is ?

 Seo Is Most Important Thing In Your Blogging And Plays Vital Role In Blogosphere , Majorly Your Traffic Is  Based On Seo If You Dont Wanna Spend Money To Get Traffic To Your Blog .

 In Blogger , We Can't Use Slow Coded Templates ,  As In Blogger's Blog  There Is NO Chunked Parts or Files Like header.php , footer.php , styles.css In  Templates Which Makes it Complicated To Edit And Design As You Want. You Can Just Use "Jump To" Fuctions For It.

I am Not Criticizing or Disheartening You People But , I Could Say That There Is Limitation In Blogger If You Want To Do Seo For Your Blog As There Is No Plugins And Even Easy Coding.

So , Not Taking Your Much Time I am Going To Tell You " SEO Tips For Blogger's Platform " Which Are Mentioned Below :-

#1 - Title Tag -

Blogger Takes Your Title Of Posts And Use It That In Your Title Tag <title></title> So, You Should Have to Choose Appropriate Title Of Post After Some Keyword Research. As You Know blogger Uses Title Of Your Homepage  As Your Suffix or Prefix To Subpages Including You Posts.

 For Example, If Your 

  • Homepage Title Is "BlogoTips.Com" and 
  • You have written a post With Title "5 Basic Seo Tips For Blogger" 
  • Then If You Open That Post , You Will See That Its Title Is "5 Basic Seo Tips For Blogger ~ BlogoTips.Com"

#2 - Change Your Blogger Url (Permalink._w_w) -

Permalinks of Your Post Links Plays a Major Role In Search Engine Rankings , You Should Change Your Permalinks With Removing Words Like A , The etc Because These Types Of Words Destroys Your Main Keyword. You Can Edit Your Permalink By Clicking Custom Permalinks . Note That You Can't Remove Date Stamp From The Url As Blogger Doesn't Allows To Do So.

#3 - Image Formatting -

This Topic Is Becoming A Matter Of Concern In Present Scenario Of Blogging World As Google Is Now Giving Due Importance To This Seo Technique. So, You Should Also Edit The Image's Alt Tags and Title Tags Of Every Image You Uses In Your Blog Posts. In Wordpress You Can Do This Easily With The Hep Of Plugin But In Blogger , You Have Do It Manually By Clicking On The Button HTML Which is Given Below The Post Title During Composing  Articles.

#4 - External Links -

If Your Post Have External Links Then Its Better To Make it No-Follow Link As Per SEO Friendly Guidelines. In This Case , Blogger Is Better As It Provides A Tool To Make Your Link No-Follow While Posting A Link.

#5 - Comments Section -

Last But Not The Least Important , Comments Section Of Your Blog Should Be No-Follow And Protected With Spam & Bot. At The Same Time It Should Be User-Friendly and Simple To Post Comments. You Should Also Try To Include Your Targeted Keywords While Replying To The Comments. You Can Embed Your Google Plus Page For The Comments It Will Improve Your Social Media Appearance.

I Hope You Will Get Positive Results After Applying These Tips Within Your Blogger Blog. If You Get any Problems or Queries While Applying Just Comment Below I Will Try To Resolve It Soon.

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OCTOBER 2, 2014
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Ankit Chauhan
MAY 6, 2015
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Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program but I really don’t agree that it’s the best of all. Adsense has VERY strictly rules and may ban you even if you didn’t do anything to get that ban and the worst thing is, you cannot appeal (you can but you won’t get your account back).Infolinks- this is probably the worst advertising media, it has ONLY facebook ads and they are really untargeted that’s why I really don’t recommend this media, really bad.Adsense wins if you can have your account.ThanksAnkit
Ron Bray
JANUARY 10, 2016
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Since Adsense is no longer as profitable as it used to, it is inevitable that bloggers will find other means that will generate them profit. Actually, I never really thought that they were this many. I’ve personally tried Infolinks and Kontera and they do in fact are capable of generating more revenue as compared to Adsense.RegardsRon
Tim Martine
MARCH 2, 2016
12:00 AM
Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program but I really don’t agree that it’s the best of all. Adsense has VERY strictly rules and may ban you even if you didn’t do anything to get that ban and the worst thing is, you cannot appeal (you can but you won’t get your account back).